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Agile Development / DevOps

Gone are the days of monolithic project plans, backloaded project risk and ballooning budget overruns. We work in tight iterations, releasing often and have a mentality of continuous improvement. That means the projects are much more nimble and transparent than traditional big-bang releases of old. We love the agile way and we use its principles in everything we do, from business analysis to software development and even managing our own business.


Business Analysis

Business problems are hard nuts to crack. They can often be complex, tangled webs of dependencies and processes. Boiling that down to a clear set of requirements and stories so it can be automated in software is no small feat. That’s where we come in. Our business analysts have the domain knowledge, experience and skill set to tackle your business. We’ll help you figure out an agile road map leading to the development of your new software systems.


Data Science / Analytics

Turn your massive data into compelling stories and actionable insights. We can transform and optimize your data so it can be better utilized by web applications thereby enabling people across business units to access and explore the data on their own.


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